11 Awesome Board Game Pick Up Lines

Board Game Pick Up Lines

Have you ever needed a board game pick up line to find a date at a convention or game store? No? Well, whether or not you wanted them, the internet delivered this week.

It started with Brittanie Boe of Gamewire who posted this humble request:

In fact, #BoardGamePikcupLines had briefly been a thing back in 2011. A total of six people in Australia quipped lines about Monopoly, Scene It and a few other mainstream games. The experiment got a little traction — even briefly trending on Twitter locally — before burning out. The 2014 iteration has been a lot more fun. Here, in no particular order, are 11 of the best responses to Boe’s request:

Board Game Pick Up Lines
Just to put it here again…

What do you think of these board game pick up lines? Can you do better? Show us in the comments.

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