5 Awesome Dominion Storage Solutions

what is a deck building game? Dominion is a deck building game

Looking for a Dominion storage solution? Dominion is a fantastic game with a ton of replay value, but it also takes up an enormous amount of space in a game closet. At its full glory, Dominion spans nine boxes — six large ones and three smaller ones. All this create’s a Dominion storage challenge. Here are just a few possible solutions.

Dominion Storage Solution

Standard Card Boxes

This isn’t the prettiest solution, but it does the job. Most local game stores will sell this style of card box, which will easily hold your Dominion collection.

Baseball Card Boxes

Writer Will Smith over at Tested came up with this solution: clear, plastic baseball card cases. The cases let him see what’s in each individual box and transport it in a modular fashion. More here.

Repurpose an old Trivial Pursuit box

As it turns out, the boxes that house Trivial Pursuit cards are well-suited to housing dominion cards. According to Board Game Geek user Typhon, you can get about 40 stacks of Dominion Kingdom stacks into a Trivial Pursuit box. If you don’t have any old and unused Trivial Pursuit boxes, you can often find them at thrift stores or yard sales.

Build a Quick and Dirty Box Insert

This solution has the advantage of preserving the game’s original packaging. Simply cut up some cardboard — or some empty punch-sheets — and fit them into the box. If this project is any indicator, you can fit 3-4 full-sized dominion sets in a box divided this way.

Buy a custom storage case

A number of people have created custom Dominion storage cases and sold them online. At $180, this is one of the more expensive ones, but other options have also appeared.

What’s your favorite Dominion storage solution? Tell us in the comments.

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