Five Awesome D&D 5E Character Sheets

Matt M. Casey September 19, 2014 6 News

What’s the best D&D 5E character sheet? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. We poked around and found five awesome ones for you. Here they are.

Clean and Printable

Some players have awful handwriting. Or slow handwriting. Or just prefer a keyboard. Those players tend to want text-enterable .pdfs. Here are two:

D&D Adventurers League Character Sheet 5e

This Adventurers League character sheet has a nice design and includes a separate call-out box for passive perception checks — a stat your DM will ask for a LOT.

Best D&D 5e Character Sheet for Combat Heavy Games

For groups that engage in more combat than most, this sheet focusses on characters’ numbers and strips away their bonds, flaws, personality traits and ideals.

Alternate Designs

Neither of these character sheets are pdf editable, but they may make sense for some campaigns.

Character-centered D&D 5E Character sheet

This design uses a lot of iconography to explain what each section is, so that anyone can visually divide the page at a glance. It also puts the character’s vital information literally at the center of the page, which may help focus players’ attention.

Foldable D&D 5E Character Sheet

This character sheet would require printing on a larger piece of paper, but it also allows players to turn their character sheet into a folder. Now, instead of flipping through several pages, they’re all attached.

Quick and Dirty

Sometimes, you need to put together a character quick. We’re not going to ask why. If that’s what you need, then check out PathGuy’s D&D Next character generator. (Update: Pathguy’s generator has since, sadly, been pulled down.) Pathguy has been making quick and dirty character generators for a long time, and they all walk you through the character creation process with helpful prompts.

The results aren’t pretty, but they are fast. You can always copy the information to another sheet if you need to.

What’s your favorite D&D 5E character sheet? Tell us in the comments.