8 Awesome DIY Table Hacks To Make Better Board Game Nights

Game Table with Sex Lights

Board Games are plenty of fun on any surface, but some gamers take their obsession to another level. Not only do they want to games to look great, but they want their tables to fit the task.

While Geek Chic tables are stunningly beautiful, they tend to be expensive. Here are a number of at-home DIY hacks that are significantly cheaper.

This DIY board gamer took a classic approach to a game table, creating something that resembles a pool table with in-rail cup holders.

This board gamer took a similar approach, but added a layer of red felt and a cover so that this game table could function as a dinner table during non-gaming hours.

This board gamer decided that his games needed mood lighting and made this at-home solution.

This table is impressive by itself, but it’s more impressive when you realize that it’s the first piece of furniture this person ever created. Clearly, they had some woodworking experience, but this is still a big first task.

If this looks a little awkward for board games, that’s because it was meant for D&D. The two layers give players space for their character sheets and dice while the raised area gives everyone a common point of reference. As a bonus, it functions as a great modular office table when everyone has put their dice away.

This isn’t a table, exactly. It’s a playing surface designed specifically for Disc Wars, but it could set up atop any existing table and function as a great board game surface.

This isn’t so much a table as a table enhancement. Depending on the game, this could be a huge asset — though it might be awkward for many games.

Board Game Coffee Table 8 Awesome  DIY Table Hacks To Make Better Board Game Nights

Okay, given the unusual top space, this “table” would only serve to host the most compact or modular games. But it’s a fantastic storage solution. It’s creators said they made it out of an old dresser.

How have you hacked your home table to make it better fit board games? Tell us in the comments.


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