10 Online Tools Every D&D 5E Dungeon Master Should Try

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In theory, the Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition (5E) Dungeon Master’s Guide should include all the tools a dungeon master needs to run an adventure. And, mostly, it does. But sometimes an online tool is much more convenient.

Here are 10 online tools every dungeon master should try.

10 Online Tools Every D&D 5E Dungeon Master Should Try

NPC Generators

When your players encounter characters that are important to the game’s plot, you want those characters to have a lot of flesh. But sometimes your characters get off track. They wander into an inn you weren’t planning on, or just ask for a detail you weren’t expecting.

When this happens, it helps to have a list of disposable NPCs available.

The Instant D&D 5E NPC Generator: This generator will give you a race, class, and background — which can serve as a good starting point for how NPCs will interact with your players.

The D&D 5E NPC Generator: This generator yields detailed NPC personalities. For each entry, the program gives the GM a name, a race, a high stat, a low stat, a talent and a few other personality traits.

TotalPartyKill 5e Generator: For when you need stats, this app kicks out a full miniature character sheet — complete with stats and skills.

10 Online Tools Every D&D 5E Dungeon Master Should Try

Dungeon Generators

Dungeon Masters generally want some thought put into their dungeon generators. But, sometimes, it makes sense to spin one up at random so seed ideas or simply serve as a starting point.

TotalPartyKill Dungeon Generator: Simple and clean, give this app a number and it will give you that number of random room descriptions.

DonJon Dungeon Generator: This tool generates an entire dungeon, complete with room dressing s, dungeons and encounters. Click on any room in the map and the app takes you to the description.

10 Online Tools Every D&D 5E Dungeon Master Should Try

Encounter Generators

The Dungeon Master’s Guide gives you decent guidelines on creating random encounters, but sometimes you want just a little more support.

DonJon Encounter Size Calculator: This app gives you guidelines for how many creatures of each level make an appropriate encounter for your party. Adjust your parameters by party-size, party level and encounter difficulty.

DonJon Random Encounter Generator: This generator spits out a list of appropriate encounters for your party based on party size, party level, difficulty and environment. The generator can also be used to generate treasures, magic items, wild magic surges and NPCs, among other things.

Goblinist Encounter Generator: This generator is a little slower to use, but allows for greater customization. The dungeon master can specify the level of each party member, minimum number of monsters, maximum number of monsters and even a seed monster.

10 Online Tools Every D&D 5E Dungeon Master Should Try

Miscelaneous Tools

DonJon Random Everything Generator: This is a link to the same app as above. This app includes random generators for 10 different things that should help most DMs.

DonJon D&D 5E Spell List: Sort spell by class, level, school, whether they can be performed as a ritual, casting time and whether they’re concentration spells.

Is your favorite online D&D 5E tool missing from this list? Add it in the comments.


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  3. Mike Reply

    Hey guys,
    I am currently developing a map-tool where you have fog of war that is uncovered as the party traverses the map. Just wanted to know if there is already something like this in use or if this is something you guys see yourself using.

    The plan is to make it a free WebGL app where you just enter a website and use it from there. If it becomes popular I might add paid mobile versions that can be used on LAN.


  4. Chris Reply

    It’s not explicitly for D&D 5E, but I’m a huge fan of Obsidian Portal (http://www.obsidianportal.com).

    At is heart it’s a wiki specifically for RPGs. Every page has a public section and a GM-only section, and pages can be hidden from players until the GM wants to reveal them.

    There are also a special class of wiki pages, the Adventure Log, so it’s easy to track the timeline of a campaign.

  5. BlackFlagon Reply

    FYI Matt, all the DonJon stuff no longer links to any tools. It’s explicitly a Dictionary.com link for each!

    • Corwin

      Right click the link, copy url, and paste into address bar.

  6. yoda Reply

    it should be noted for canonicity that it’s “donjon” as in archaic spelling of “dungeon”, not “DonJon” as in a couple of dudes’ names.

    • Matt M. Casey Post author

      That’s a good add-on. We (obviously) totally missed that.

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