How Many Standalone Versions of Carcassonne Are There?

Carcassonne Gold Rush

How many standalone Carcassonne games exist?

Carcassonne is among the most expanded board games ever. Since the year 2000, publishers have put together dozens of Carcassonne expansions, ranging in size from just a few tiles to full boxes.

But publishers haven’t seen fit to simply expand the game. Several designers have used the game’s simple tile-laying mechanic as a foundation for 12 standalone games.

 Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers

Carcassonne hunters and gatherers How Many Standalone Versions of Carcassonne Are There?

This was the first standalone Carcassonne variant. It traded medieval France for prehistoric times and changed how scoring worked. Players who claimed meadows (the equivalent of fields) got points determined by the number of animals in the field — but they had to look out for tigers.

New World: A Carcassonne Game

New World Carcassonne

New World re-themed Carcassonne as a game of settling the United States. Play begins with a pre-set eastern coast. Players build west, but have to be sure to complete their features quickly. A surveyor creeps ever-west. If it passes a feature before a player completes it, the player loses any points they might have gotten from it.

Carcassonne: The Castle

Carcassonne the castle

This game broke with the normal Carcassonne formula by reducing the game to two players. It also confined the play area by forcing players to place tiles inside the pre-set castle walls.

Carcassonne: The City

Carcassonne The City

Carcassonne: The City expands on ideas from Carcassonne: The Castle. When play begins, players can place their tiles anywhere. But, when they enter the second phase, players place wall sections each time they score points. As they do, their placement options become increasingly constrained.

Carcassonne: Gold Rush

Carcassonne Gold Rush

Carcassonne: Gold Rush is the newest entry in the Carcassonne Around the World series. Set in the American west, players aim to collect gold by cleverly placing their tents. They can also steal gold from other players.

Carcassonne: The Dice Game

Carcassonne The Dice Game

One of the lower-rated Carcassonne titles, Carcassonne: The Dice Game challenged players to roll dice and use them to build cities. On the upside, it could be played in as little as 10 minutes and came in an awesome little tin.

Carcassonne: The Discovery

Carcassonne The Discovery

Carcassonne: The Discovery is a simpler version of Carcassonne. Players only have four meeples, and they can never get trapped. Players can freely remove meeples from features and score points as they would at the end of the game — but completed features are worth more.

Travel Carcassonne

Travel Carcassonne

This is almost exactly the same as the original version of Carcassonne. The only differences are that the tiles are smaller (it is therefore incompatible with expansion sets) and the handy travel bag that holds the components also includes a score track. Regardless, Carcassonne still makes a terrible travel game.

Carcassonne: South Seas

Carcassonne South Seas

Carcassonne: South Seas added an additional economy element. As players build the map, they collect bananas, shellfish and fish. At the end of each turn, they can “ship” those goods to collect points based on the available ships.

Carcassonne: Winter Edition

Carcassonne Winter Edition

This is exactly what it sounds like: a winter-themed version of original Carcassonne — it’s even compatible with expansions for the original game. The only meaningful difference between this and the original edition is that this version comes with the Gingerbread Man expansion.

My First Carcassonne

My First Carcassonne

Another simplified version of Carcassonne, this one is meant specifically for children as young as four. Players keep all of their meeples in reserve until they begin completing roads. Each road tile includes a player color on it, and players place their meeples on the spaces indicated when they finish the road. The first player to place all their meeples wins.

Carcassonne: Wheel of Fortune

Carcassonne Wheel of Fortune

Another repackaging of Carcassonne under the original rules, Wheel of Fortune included a few tiles from some popular Carcassonne expansions along with a special “wheel of fortune” tile that served as a core of a special starting condition.

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What’s your favorite element that these games added to the Carcassonne world? Tell us in the comments.

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