Watch! How to Play Favor of The Pharoah

How to Play Favor of the Pharaoh

Favor of the Pharoah is a dice game challenges players to build their dice pool and use it to do a better job of impressing the pharoah than any other player can.

All players start with the same set of dice. Each turn, you roll your dice in a series of rounds. Each round, you must lock at least one die. Once you’ve locked all of your dice, you can use your dice combination to buy a new tile from the tableau.

How to Play Favor of the Pharaoh

New each new tile requires players to meet specific conditions, which include a minimum number of dice.

After someone grabs the most expensive tile on the table, all players dice-off to build the biggest set of matched dice at the table. The player who can do so wins the Favor of the Pharaoh — and the game!

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