Twilight Imperium: An Honest Take on an Epic Board Game


Twilight Imperium is one of the most epic board games ever created. Set in a Star Wars-like universe, players start with a home world and expand their empire out across a hex map of the universe that changes every game.

Eventually, players fight each other for border planets in a never-ending quest to accumulate resources and political power. Along the way, players develop new abilities through a technology tree that rivals video games like Civilization.

Yes, Twilight Imperium is an experience. It helped Fantasy Flight cement its place as the game publisher who could make The Big Game. So, we decided to take our “honest take” approach and make a Twilight Imperium trailer focussing on some of the game’s more unfortunate aspects.

A quick note: YOU helped this happened. After our Honest Take on Werewolf, we asked what game you wanted to see next. And Twilight Imperium won.

twilight imperium trailer honest take

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