Dead of Winter Honest Take [Video Review]

Dead of Winter Honest Take

Want an honest take on Dead of Winter? The four-player board game debuted in 2014 amid a huge amount of buzz. For months, you couldn’t find a copy of Dead of Winter in board game stores because it sold out immediately.

When players did finally get their hands on Dead of Winter, they weren’t disappointed. Not only is it solid, it’s completely novel — with story events driving the game’s grim action.

Dead of Winter Honest Take

So, of course, we had to apply our signature (and sarcastic) “Honest Take” to the game.

And, special note, you our readers asked for it. We did a poll, and 45 percent of you asked for this. So, enjoy. :-)

What did you think of our Dead of Winter Honest Take? What game should we do next? Tell us in the comments.

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